Who desires to indulge oneself in the pleasures of a wonderful vacation has come to the right place. A Spring in which one can taste its arrival, a Summer of multiple variations and a colourful Autumn.

Thanks to the perfect location, between the Ligurian Mountains and the Sea Coast, Mattarana, is the perfect starting location for beautiful excursions in direct contact with nature. In addition it is possible in a very short time to travel to the most fascinating seaside villages world renowned, Cinque Terre.

The people that arrive here, in the Vara Valley, for the first time, remain immediately surprised by the green forest, that cover all of the valley slopes, providing cool and fresh air.

In addition to the recreation and fun there are also other aspects such as cultural and scientific. In Bosco delle Lizza it is possible to admire one of the few worldwide flourishing of the peridotite. A phenomenon which has involved the University of Genova, Pisa and Paris.